Hita i Tåsa 

Håfa Adai!

I have found a love in the art of photography over the past year and am striving to nurture and develop it. I feel that it’s about perspective, focus, depth, and emotion, all portrayed in a litråto (picture). This photo means a lot to me and was taken by my prima, who is a blogger herself ( check her out fan).

The meaning behind this photo is…

The Åcho Latte were the bases of the Ancient Chamoru guma siha (houses/huts). The bottom part is called the haligi and looks like this:

And the top part or cap stone is called the tåsa and it looks like this:

Family and the home are so important to our culture, and the åcho lattes are what support them. This is our foundation, our rock. It’s a symbol of who we are.

I know this is a lengthy explanation, but please bear with me because I’m almost there!

The latte in my picture was taken at one of the beautiful beaches at Urunao. This latte possibly belonged to a high status Chamoru woman. It is old, but very much alive and standing. They have been standing since our ancestors put them up (if I’m not mistaken).

We have our haligi, our base. It is our elders, our traditions, our values, and our land. Our haligi still stands. Hågu, guåhu, hita, (you, me, us) i manelu, must be the tåsa. We must use our kannai siha (hands) to build up and hold up our guma again, our culture, ourselves.

We can do it. The lattes weren’t carved and placed overnight. It will take time and love, but using our hands, our brains, our hearts, and our connection to keep our culture and language alive is definitely possible.

Now please, tell me about your perspective on this photo…

Si Yu’us Ma’åse for reading!