“I Will Be a Hummingbird”

Buenas todos hamyu!

My somewhat presence on social media such as facebook and instagram has given me insight on other people’s journeys through our culture by studying or travelling, etc. It’s so empowering knowing that people are not necessarily along side me, but going in the same direction as I am in loving, understanding, practicing, and living our culture and language. All around me, I see apprentices of Chamoru crafts and skills, young Chamoru dancers, activists, historians, linguists, teachers, farmers and fishers, and people who just want to be involved. It’s amazing! Seeing such interest and passion ensures me that we Chamorus are still here and not going anywhere.

Seeing what everyone is doing makes me so happy, but also makes me question what I’m doing… Then I kind of feel inadequate. What am I doing to preserve my culture? What am I doing to protect our people from complete Westernization and colonization? If anyone ever feels the same way, please watch this video right here. It was showed to me by the most inspirational teacher I’ve ever known, Linda Tatreau.

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed and feel like you’re not doing enough, whether it be saving our culture or saving the world from ourselves, remember: be a hummingbird and do the best that you can. I may be small and insignificant, but I am doing what I can.

Si Yu’us Ma’åse for reading.


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